Arkansas School Nurses Association

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School nurses help to keep students healthy so they may learn. This includes:

  • Nursing action for treatment of acute illnesses
  • Basic first aid and emergency medical services
  • Providing mandated health screenings-hearing, vision, scoliosis
  • Medical histories and nursing assessments
  • Developing and implementing mandated Individual Health Care Plans for medically fragile students: tube feeding, respiratory care, IV therapy, catheterization
  • Referrals to other health care providers
  • Home visits
  • Administration of medications
  • Communicable disease management
  • Maintenance of individual health records
  • Monitor and maintain current immunization records according to law
  • Being a link between the school, home, and the community
  • Mental health nursing assessment and crisis management for emotional problems, substance abuse, child abuse and neglect
Providing health education-school nurses teach children ways to stay healthy. This includes:
  • Individual health teaching in the health room and the classroom
  • Being a resource person for teaching health classes
  • Providing staff development/in-services
  • Acting as a health consultant to staff
  • Group classes for specific problems ie. obesity, tobacco and drug use
  • Organizing and facilitating support groups for pregnant teens
Making a safe environment-school nurses work to keep schools safe so students can learn without risks to their health. This includes:
  • Developing safety plans which prevent accidents
  • Monitoring schools for cleanliness and health hazards
  • Preventing the spread of communicable diseases